11/17/2021:  My short story “Walking Down” has been published by the Baltimore Review! You can read the whole story online for free, and it will be available as part of their collected 2022 print edition next summer. It feels good to see my writing in print again, and I’ve even received nice compliments from a few readers. As for other updates…

Writing: Things have slowed, basically due to being busy. The novel is still the main focus.

Art: I managed to complete the October daily drawing challenge I was doing (#Folktober). I even managed to finish on time! I also finally added a gallery of artwork to the website. It’s mostly art from the October challenges over the last couple of years, plus a few random pieces. 

Other: The Missing Movie Club podcast is going strong. We have 2 full episodes up now, and will release our third in a couple of weeks. I’m definitely improving in terms of my Audacity skillset, plus doing the social media, etc. for the podcast is giving me additional practice with Krita.

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