Campaign Rules and Expectations

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What to Expect and Other Concerns

Campaign Tone:

The intended tone of the campaign is “believable fantasy,” in the vein of an action-adventure movie like The Mummy (1999). The world is fantastic, but also grounded. My hope is that your characters will align with the world and be flawed heroes, not murder-hobos. Absolutely have fun, but remember there are consequences to your actions, particularly in the more civilized areas of the world. I don’t want or intend for any characters to die, but it is a possibility if bad decisions and unfortunate rolls compound.

Consent and Comfort:

If, at any time, the actions of another player, a group of players, or myself make you uncomfortable and dampen your enjoyment of the game, please let me know so I can address the issue. This includes things happening in the game (e.g. torture scenes, in-world jokes that may go too far). While things may get dark at times in the story, if you stop enjoying the experience for any reason, I want to know so we can course-correct and get you back to having a good time.

Geographic Limits:

You will initially be limited to the country of Soldenia, and a portion of the Feywild (if you play your cards right). In game, there’s a large-scale war happening in the greater world, and the Queen has closed the borders – no one in or out. Out of game, this limitation is because I’m still fleshing out the world. The branching story I’ve put together leading up to the big finale takes place entirely within the confines of Soldenia and the Feywild. For my sanity and to ensure I can give you the most enjoyable experience possible, I ask that you not push these boundaries in character. That said, we might do some little one-offs that lead to other places via magical means, but they’ll be limited in how far you can wander.

Player V. Player (PVP) and Consent:

Minor shenanigans are okay, but pure “I’m going to kill another player” PVP is not allowed. If things should reach that point in character for story reasons, there would need to be player consent on both sides whether things are “to the death” or non-lethal.

Game Mechanics

DM Inspiration:

The DM may, at his discretion, give you 1d4 inspiration at any time when you amuse him. You may have multiple DM Inspiration, and you retain them until used, even between play sessions.

Group Inspiration:

At the end of each play session, the group may elect to give 1d4 inspiration to one member of the party. This will be decided by popular vote, overseen by the DM. You may have multiple Group Inspiration, and you retain them until used, even between play sessions.

The Rule of Cool:

The DM may, at his discretion, invoke the Rule of Cool, allowing for bending of game rules. Players may propose something that would fall outside the typical rules, but should be mindful not to abuse the goodwill of the DM. The key phrase here is “at his discretion.”

Carry Weight/Encumbrance:

This campaign will not utilize the carry weight/encumbrance game mechanics. However, players should be mindful to carry only what is reasonable. Should they attempt anything ridiculous, the DM will remind them of their realistic ability, and may temporarily reduce movement speed, etc.

Health Increase when Levelling Up:

When leveling up, during the roll for health increase, any 1’s rolled may be re-rolled.

Short/Long Rests:

  • A short rest will require a minimum of 1 hour, uninterrupted.
  • A long rest will require a minimum of 8 hours, uninterrupted.
  • The DM may grant minor flexibility of either time requirement at his discretion.

Potion Use:

A player may use a bonus action to drink a potion. Feeding a potion to another player or NPC will require a full action.

Player Initiative Choice:

During the initial creation of an initiative order, a player may voluntarily elect to decrease their place in the initiative order. This must be done after all players have rolled their initiative, and once initiative is “locked in,” cannot be changed.  

Pets, Familiars, and Player-Controlled NPC’s:

Players with pets, familiars, minions, etc. will be responsible for controlling their pet’s actions, reactions, and activities. Non-combat creatures such as pets will only be placed into combat if the player requests such be done. Unless otherwise stated in the rules, if introduced to combat or periods with an initiative order, such creatures will act in the same turn as their owner.

The “How Do You Want To Do This” Moment:

When a player strikes the killing blow on an enemy, they will choose whether they want to describe what happens, or if they want the DM to do so.

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